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Entry Rules

Entry Rules



  1. Entries will be accepted from residents of the Commonwealth of Australia and its Territories and from financial members of the Australian Photographic Society (APS) residing overseas. All images must be the work of the entrant. Any manipulation where permitted (see definitions) must have been made by the photographer (entrant).
  2. The greatest care will be taken with entries, and no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage.
  3. On-line entry is via the Warragul Camera Club National website: www.warragulnational.org
  4. Payment of entry fees are to be made on the Warragul Camera Club National Website, via the PayPal payment portal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account but you will need a credit or debit card.
  5. Entries received without the entry fee will not be judged
  6. Entries must be sent POST PAID. Sufficient return postage must be included with your entry fees if entries are to be returned to you. (No stamps please). Entries received without sufficient return postage will not be returned and will be destroyed. Please check with your post office on the cost of returning your entry.
  7. Print entries are to be sent to:
Warragul Camera Club National Photographic Exhibition
P.O. Box 436
Warragul Vic 3820Print Entries can also be hand delivered to one of our collection points:Roylaines Warragul
12-16 Smith Street
Warragul 3820

Roylaines Pakenham
148 Main Street
Pakenham 3810

Digital Works (see note below)
Unit 2/34 Melverton Drive
Hallam 3803

NOTE: for entrants delivering prints to Digital Works, please email them beforehand (digital@digitalworks.net.au) to arrange a mutually suitable time for drop-off or collection.

  1. If you wish to collect your entries from a collection point, these will need to be collected by 14th June. Entries left after this date will be destroyed.
  2. PRINT entries all require a digital version to be uploaded to the Warragul Camera Club National Website.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, permission to reproduce entries for publicity purposes is assumed.
  4. Each entrant will receive a printed catalogue. A digital report and any applicable certificates will be sent via email shortly after judging. (Please check your Spam/Junk folder).
  5. The same or substantially the same image cannot be entered in more than one section of this exhibition regardless of image titles. Colour and monochrome images produced from the same image capture are considered the same image for this rule.Images accepted in previous Warragul Camera Club National Competitions, or images considered by the Warragul Camera Club National Committee to be substantially the same, are ineligible for entry in any of the sections.
  6. The Warragul Camera Club reserves the right to withhold any accepted entry from display.
  7. A maximum of FOUR ENTRIES may be submitted in each section.
  8. The decisions of the Warragul Camera Club National Committee or its delegates are final and no correspondence will be entered into. It is assumed upon receipt of an entry that the entrant accepts these rules and conditions.
  9. By submitting images to this exhibition in either print or digital form, the entrant must agree to accept without exception or objection the following terms:
    i)  Pictures created in whole or part by artificial intelligence or created using generative fill are not allowed in this salon. See this link for details of the APS ruling on AI and generative fill.
    ii)  All parts of the image have to have been photographed by the entrant.
    iii)  Images with any form of watermarks or identifying text will not be accepted.
  10. To ensure that images comply with the Conditions of Entry, including all relevant definitions, the exhibition organisers may ask the entrant to provide original images, with EXIF data intact, by a specified deadline.
  11. If the entrant fails to supply the requested image(s) within the specified time, those images will be deemed to be in breach of the Conditions of Entry.
  12. Images that are deemed by the Warragul Camera Club to breach the Conditions of Entry will be removed from the exhibition. Any acceptances or awards allocated to those images will become void.
  13. The Warragul Camera Club will provide APS with details of all breaches of the Conditions of Entry. APS retains the right to impose sanctions on entrants deemed to have repeatedly breached the Conditions of Entry of any APS approved exhibition.
  14. Prize money is in Australian dollars. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and, with the exception of cash prizes, cannot be taken as cash. The Warragul Camera Club will not be responsible for any costs associated with winning or delivery of the prizes unless specifically stated in these Conditions of Entry. If the winner does not redeem the prize within 3 months, then the prize will be forfeited by the winner, and there will be no further unclaimed prize determinations. To be clear, this means that there will not be a further selection of a winner by the panel of judges if the prize is forfeited by the winner.


  1. Entry into each Digital Section is $10 and each Print Section is $8. This is the same if only one image is entered into the section or if all of the four permitted images per section are entered.
  2. In addition, there is a flat administration fee of $4 per entrant.
  3. While catalogues will be posted back with print returns, for those who entered only Digital Sections, there is an additional charge of $3.00 to cover postage of the catalogue.


  1. Any manipulation where permitted (see definitions) must have been made by the entrant.
  2. Images will be judged using a calibrated screen. Images must not exceed a maximum horizontal dimension of 1920 pixels and a maximum vertical dimension of 1080 pixels. File size must not exceed 3Mb. Images exceeding any of these dimensions will not upload.
  3. Images must be in JPG format. For optimal presentation, images should use as much as possible of the 1920×1080 pixel dimensions of the screens and be in the sRGB colorspace.


  1. A PDF file of print labels suitable for home printing on Avery or equivalent one up A4 will be emailed to all entrants who submit print entries. Print and cut up the labels (4 per A4 page). Labels are to be fixed to the bottom left-hand corner of the back of each print. This indicates the correct orientation of the print for viewing and this is how they will be presented for judging.
  2. Framed prints will not be accepted.
  3. All prints must be mounted.
  4. SIZING: Mats must be 400 x 500mm or 16×20 inches. No other size mats will be accepted. Any size prints within these mat sizes are allowed. The THICKNESS of mounts MUST NOT exceed 5mm. Any prints not conforming to this sizing will not be presented for judging.
  5. Mats may be of any colour.


  1. Several companies have partnered with us to provide printing and matting services if you would like support to do this. Please organise this directly with them. They are
  • Digital Works in Hallam. Contact via email to digital@digitalworks.net.au
  • Homegrown Design in Drouin. Contact via phone 0356251138.
  • Roylaines Warragul. Contact via phone 0356234255 or email warragul@roylaines.com.au
  • Roylaines Pakenham. Contact via phone 0359411562 or email pakenham@roylaines.com.au
  1. The Warragul National team will collect the mounted prints from those companies on 16th March 2023 and will apply the labels. If you want your prints returned please ensure that your return details and the appropriate postage is included in your online entry.
  2. If entrants elect to have one of the above companies print and mat their images (and the Warragul National team collect and apply labels) the images must still be entered onto the online entry system.


  1. The APS has approved a special category of Prints using 500 x 700mm mats. The size of the print area must exceed that possible on A3+ paper.
  2. Other than the larger mat size, Conditions of Entry will be identical to those for the standard prints.


  1. Entrants are strongly advised not to pay until they are certain they have put entries into all sections that they are wanting to enter.
  2. After “finalising” your entry and paying your entry fees, you can update your images (add an extra image to make it up to four per section, delete an image or delete and then replace an image) up until the closing date for entries.
  3. Editing image names requires you to delete the image and upload it again with the new title.
  4. You CANNOT add images to another section in which you had no entries at the time of payment.
  5. IMPORTANT:   In PRINT sections only, if you update any entries after you have paid, you will need an updated set of labels for your prints. You can do this easily from the on-line entry system (see below highlighted):


Please follow these packaging instructions carefully

  • Package your prints safely for transport to and from the Warragul Camera Club National Competition, including those going via the collection centres (not just via Australia Post).
  • Do not pack your prints individually in plastic or paper sleeves.
  • If entering both small and large prints, the different sizes should be packaged separately within your combined package.
  • If dropping off your prints to a Collection Centre, please ensure your full name, address and phone number is clearly and securely marked on the outside of your package, and also addressed to Warragul Camera Club National Competition (please see Section 7 of General Rules for the Collection points).

Acceptable packaging of prints

  • Well packaged prints protect your images and make the job of those who unpack and repack your prints a much easier process.
  • Suitable options to package your prints include items such as Jasart carry sleeves, art cases or kraft folios or similar branded items.
  • These can be found at office supplies stores, art and craft stores and stores such as Spotlight.


Unacceptable packaging of prints

  • Please do not wrap your images in plastic bags or bubble wrap as these methods are not safe enough and they do not protect your prints adequately enough to avoid accidental damage.

Step 2 – Read the Section Topics

Submission of an entry to this exhibition implies acceptance of these conditions.


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